Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is a test...

I've been sucked into the dark side of (cue ominous music) MOMMY BLOGGING!

I'm not really much of a journal keeper, which is kind of how I view blogging but I have a problem (or five): occasionally I have something I'd like to write that rolls around in my mind but I have no outlet. And so it rolls....and rolls...and...etc.

Also, I have friends who keep moving away and I keep meaning to write to update them on my life and I keep not doing it. If they have blogs, I read them and get all the details on their lives but do I return the favor? Nope. Maybe I can catch them all at once this way.

So, this is a test. Will I ever write more than one entry? Will the anxiety of turning out quality material squash my natural creative process? Will I ever have time to sit down at the computer? I guess we'll find out.

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Skerrib said...

Outstanding! The beauty part of a blog is it can be anything you want it to be...and food for thought: the less I try to make it interesting, the better the response I get. Strange, but true.