Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pet Peeve

In general, I would call myself a rather laid-back person. I don't get my knickers in a twist over much. But, I, like most people I know, have a few pet peeves. I don't like watching people eat runny eggs. I don't like the sound of someone repeatedly sniffling snot (just blow your nose!). And I don't like it when my dear husband mentions he needs me to go to the store because he ran out of something critical...three days ago.

In the past, I have discovered he was out of deoderant because I found HIS armpit hairs in MY container (yuck). I learned he was out of medicine when the symptoms started to flair. I have discovered he was out of gel when he went to work with fluffy hair.

Trust me, I get running out of things. I had to make an emergency trip for toilet paper the other day because we were on the last roll. What I hate is the lack of warning. It used to bother me more because I'd feel responsible and go to the store regardless of how inconvenient it was. Now, I just let him suffer until I can make the trip or send him off to get it. It has lessened the resentment on my end quite a bit.

So, the other day I heard him rummaging around in the cabinet and drawers looking for something. He was out of shampoo in his shower (we have separate bathrooms because...well...we can). It is true I usually stockpile shampoo when it goes on sale but we were out of the regular stuff. And he didn't mention that he was getting low so I wasn't in a hurry. Since he couldn't find any he started to walk away with my shampoo from my shower. Oh no you don't! I went into the cabinet and dug to the back and found a bottle of this:

If you can't read it it says "Relaxed and Natural for Women of Color" In case you are wondering, my husband is not a woman of color. He is a man of pastiness. I got this shampoo from a friend who bought it by accident and thought maybe my curly-haired daughter would like it. I handed it to him with a straight face and told him I'd get some more of the regular stuff when I went to the store next time.

Well, I expected this to teach him a lesson about putting things off, blah blah blah. But, I asked him about the shampoo two days later and darn it if he doesn't love it! He said it makes his hair soft and shiny! Arg! Now there is a perfectly good lesson wasted.

That's it, I'm hiding the toilet paper.

p.s. I have to add the end note that I love my husband and he is a great friend, lover and father. I'm blessed to have him, quirks and all. Hopefully he reads all the way to the bottom of this so he's not as mad I blogged about him. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For the Record...

I am really tired of the following words and phrases:

-Poopoo Head
-Peepee Head
-Mom, she hit (stepped on, bit, pinched, etc) me!
-Mom, she's (insert tattling here)!

I am tired of saying:

-Keep your hands to yourself
-We don't use potty words except in the bathroom
-I will take care of your sister, you take care of yourself.
-No. No. I said no!
-Use kindness, please.

I am also aware that I've had several micro-blogs as of late. I am working on a real one but I need to take a picture to go with it. My fans will just have to wait. :)