Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For the Record...

I am really tired of the following words and phrases:

-Poopoo Head
-Peepee Head
-Mom, she hit (stepped on, bit, pinched, etc) me!
-Mom, she's (insert tattling here)!

I am tired of saying:

-Keep your hands to yourself
-We don't use potty words except in the bathroom
-I will take care of your sister, you take care of yourself.
-No. No. I said no!
-Use kindness, please.

I am also aware that I've had several micro-blogs as of late. I am working on a real one but I need to take a picture to go with it. My fans will just have to wait. :)


Suzanne said...

We've BEEN waiting ... :)
P.S. I can relate. There's just something about having girls.

Shannon said...

LOL I understand! With two kids so close in age it's almost a never ending one way conversation that starts with "No" and ends with "I said NO!" We all have those days. This to shall pass (in about 18 years).
Keep your head up!