Sunday, October 25, 2009


Oh look! I'm blogging.

Let's see, I wrote 34 posts in 2008 and.....5 in 2009. Hmm, I wonder what happened in 2009? Oh that's right, the baby!

I have become the classic overworked mother with little kids (3 five and under). And I have a weekend job. And I'm homeschooling. So, in that light, I've decided I need a bedcation.

What is a bedcation? Well, for me it would be 3 days in my nice cozy bed (with flannel sheets). The children would come in to visit and read stories with me but only for a little while. I'd take no less than three naps in a day (the baby could stay for those because he's such a good snuggler). Someone would bring me tasty and nutritious food (and chocolate) when I was hungry. I'd have the laptop and a stack of good books for between naptimes. I might get up to take a shower or go to the bathroom but no one is allowed to interrupt my bedcation bliss with requests for...well, anything. The cats are allowed to be on the bed as long as they don't request feeding. My husband is allowed on the bed as long as conversation is light, cheerful and only what I want to talk about. And if I want to sleep diagonally, he has to go somewhere else.

And the most important part of bedcation? Someone (not me) has to take care of EVERYTHING ELSE. Because we all know how hard it is to come back to a messy house after a vacation so a true bedcation involves someone taking care of the kids, house, pets, et al.

Yeah, I think that should do it. Bedcation once a month to see me through the toddler years.

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tacsoms said...

This is a very cool post. The word bedcation popped into my head today and I am so glad I found it on the internet. Actually, I think this is the only result for bedcation. Everything else wants to point to something about chemistry. My thought on the word bedcation is as follows: Bedcation is a derivative of the word staycation which originates from the real root word of vacation. Now that Americans take the least amount of vacation time of any developed nation, (I think that is true}, a staycation or ultimately a bedcation offers much appeal.

I mean lets face it, most people come home more stressed and exhausted from a real vacation so why even go on one. The advent of the staycation is fraught with problems. What if someone discovers you are in fact home. Also, who has the willpower to not get to those honey-do projects that piled up for who knows how long.

Your idea of a bedcation is marvelous and right on the money. Only one thing seemed to be unaccounted for, namely food. Someone must keep you fed and hydrated otherwise you'll end up like an astronaut left on the International Space Station without supplies.

Happy napping!