Thursday, March 13, 2008

How do I Love Thee?

For my group tonight, we answered the question "How do you show yourself love?" This is my list:

Starbucks coffee, video game time,
giving myself grace when I mess up,
making women's group and Bible Study a priority,
visiting friends, asking for help when I need it,
allowing a place for my passions to grow, doing my
work, putting aside the practical to play

How do YOU show yourself love?


Skerrib said...

Hmmmmm...jogging, blogging, email. Getting my butt in gear and going to bed early. Getting help for my back stuff and any other stuff that pops up. Learning to cut myself some slack and speak up for myself more.

Spunkergirl said...

I also buy Starbucks :) along with saving time to read, study the Bible, play with the kiddos(including husband...hehe), singing, dancing and spending time just being still reflecting on why I am here and why God loves me.

Karen said...

ooh i love this game! :)

re-reading novels; decaf caramel latte with chocolate sprinkles on top; taking photographs; dressing up; getting my hair done; lying in bed a little longer on days off; prayer; keeping in touch with people overseas; booking holidays; eating good food; watching DVD's; listening to beautiful music; laughing; taking a moment to be in awe of buds coming out on trees, the glow of a sunset, the sparkle in someone's eyes.