Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm Brave

I did something brave today...I took my 4 year old daughter to ballet class for the first time.

That may not seem so brave to you.

Did I mention it was Mommy and Me ballet? As in, mommy must participate with the child. And dance wear is recommended.

I signed up for this class on the spur of the moment because the four-year old class was full. I admit, I didn't think it through. But afterwards, the anxiety set in:

Will I have to wear a leotard and tights?
Is there a recital?
What happens if I plie when I'm supposed to releve and all the other moms laugh at me?

Seriously. I had all the "first day of class" nerves. I couldn't find the right pants right away when I was getting ready and my daughter said "Mom, just wear shorts!" but I don't have shorts that don't make me look fat that I can also dance in and wasn't she just worrying about what if the other kids weren't wearing pants with their leotards and lint rolling hers to get the hair off of it so who are you to tell me to hurry up and pick something to wear!?!

Deep breath.

So, it was fine. Fun even. Other moms were in regular clothes, they danced like normal people and not ballerinas, it was great being with my daughter sharing the experience. I'm glad I'm doing it and feel a little silly for being anxious.

But, there is a recital. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! :D


Skerrib said...

You ARE brave! Sounds like fun though. I need pictures of you in the pink tutu.

Spunkergirl said...

I am so proud! :) If it makes you feel better I would be scared's been years since I've done any "real" dancing and the body parts just don't move like they used to. :( I hope you are doing well aside from the balletfobia...I miss you lots!!!

Karen said...

I salute you! :)